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gospel of John

Jesus Reaps a Harvest

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia finishes examining the account of Jesus and the Samaritan town of Sychar in John 4:1-42. John presents the account of Jesus and Samaritan Sychar so that you will not miss out in dead religion but join humble outsiders in finding eternal life in Jesus. In John 4:27-42, Jesus reaps a harvest unto salvation and invites all his true disciples to join him in the same joyful work.

1. Jesus Offers Living Water (vv. 1-14)
2. Jesus Is the Revealer (vv. 15-26)
3. Jesus Reaps a Harvest (vv. 27-42)
3a. The Samaritan Woman Becomes Jesus’ Witness (vv. 27-30)
3b. Jesus Invites to a Happy Harvest (vv. 31-38)
3c. Many Confess Jesus as God’s Savior (vv. 39-42)