Sermons & Sunday Schools

The Biblical Process of Change

In this sixth lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia overviews what the biblical process of change toward greater Christ-likeness looks like. First, Pastor Dave takes a macro view of what should be the biblical expectation regarding change over one’s lifetime. Second, Pastor Dave takes a micro, more moment-by-moment view of how what one loves and worships in…

The Only Way in Is through This Door

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Babij examines John 10:9 and explores the sobering and wonderful reality of Jesus as the only way to eternal life. 1. There Is Only One Entry Point into Christ’s True Church (vv. 7-11) 2. There Are Many Presumed Entry Points into Christ’s Church 3. The Person Who Enters through God’s…

Biblical Counseling and Psychology

In this fifth lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines psychology and its theories of the person from a biblical perspective. Pastor Dave first gives some introductory information regarding psychology and then compares the theories of six influential psychologists with the teaching of God in the Bible.

Enjoy Your Days of Light

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines Solomon’s final charge to seize the day in Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8. Solomon provides five prodding reminders for why you must fear God and make the most of the best days God has given you. 1. Dark Days Are Coming (11:7-8) 2. God’s Assessment Is Coming (11:9) 3. Your Youth…

Biblical Counseling and Psychotropic Drugs

In this fourth lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia considers what the truths from the previous lessons about the Bible’s sufficiency and the mind-body connection mean for the issue of psychotropic drugs. Pastor Dave overviews the topic of psychotropic drugs from a biblical perspective and then considers a few frequently asked questions.

Try! You Just Might Succeed

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia examines Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 and Solomon’s teaching there about making the most of life amid risk. As Pastor Dave explains, Solomon gives three fundamental exhortations toward bold action so that you will not miss out on God’s good in life: 1. Take Wise Risks (vv. 1-2) 2. Beware Over Analysis…

The Church: A Unified Body of Spiritually Gifted Servants, Part 2

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Babij finishes examining 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 to show how all Christians are called to minister. In Part 2, Pastor Babij explains the second primary reason Christians stifle spiritual gifts: a superiority complex in which believers feel they do not need others. Pastor Babij further explains the wisdom of God’s design…

The Bible’s Sufficiency for Counseling

In this second lesson, Pastor Dave Capoccia discusses how the Bible is totally sufficient for the Christian life, including for counseling people about their problems. Pastor Dave presents the Bible’s sufficiency in three points: 1. The Bible Claims Sufficiency 2. The Bible Illustrates Sufficiency 3. The Bible Demonstrates Sufficiency