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gospel of John

Jesus Confronts Corrupted Worship, Part 1

In this sermon, Pastor Dave Capoccia begins examining John 2:12-25 and Jesus’ first visit to Jerusalem during Passover in his public ministry. The apostle John presents Jesus’ cleansing visit so that you will not present God with corrupted worship but instead believe in Jesus. In Part 1, Pastor Dave looks at John 2:12-17 and how…


Laboring for Christ’s Supremacy: The Conflict, Part 1

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Babij examines Colossians 1:29-2:5 and the believer’s need to strive for maturity in Christ and contend against false teaching. Full Transcript: There are certain words that have been spoken that have actually shaken the world. ‘What hath God wrought’ was the first long-distance message by morse code or by morse…