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Creation: Days and Kinds

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 2 Lesson 13 This week in Sunday school, we investigate the word “day” as used in Genesis 1 as well as the first four days of the creation sequence. Could the Genesis 1 “day” be legitimately understood as something other than a 24 hour period? What exactly happened on…

God Creates the Universe

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 2 Lesson 12 In this lesson, we begin our chronological study of the Bible starting in Genesis 1:1. Specifically, we overview the creation account and answer some fundamental questions: What genre of literature is the creation account? What is the relationship of Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 1:2? And can…

The Seven Cs of History

Answers Bible Curriculum Second Edition Unit 2 Lesson 11 In this lesson, we’re returning to Answers in Genesis’ Seven Cs of History but from a slightly different perspective from our last gospel-focused look. This time, we’re focusing on how the Seven Cs function as an essential outline of human history, how we can estimate the…

Quarter 4 Lesson 6 – Revealing the Unknown God

Answers Bible Curriculum Year 3 Quarter 4 Lesson 6 In this lesson, we listen to and discuss a video presentation by Answers in Genesis’ president, Ken Ham. You can find this video presentation at

Creation and Flood Myths in the Ancient Near East

In this lesson, David Capoccia discusses some prominent creation and flood myths from ancient Egypt and Mespotamia. David Capoccia leads an investigation into the similarities and differences of these myths in relation to the Bible’s true account and he also answers the following question: could the Israelites have borrowed from the myths of the cultures around them…

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How Large Was The Ark?

In this lesson, we answer objections to the Genesis flood account due to the ark: how could the ark have endured a year of flood waters and fit all of the animals, dinosaurs included? As part of this discussion, we consider the likely size and shape of the ark and just which animals Noah would have had aboard.